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Giving Back

I never thought I could have such an impact on one dog’s life as our shih-tzu rescue Wicket has had on mine. We saw him online—long uncombed hair and such a sad look on his eyes that you didn’t need to ask his story to know his past. When we met “Mr. Nibbles” he looked even worse. His hair was matted and he had an eye infection, but his personality shined right through that. He was the most loving dog I have ever met. He just wanted to be held and had endless amounts of kisses to give. It took less than a second of having him in my arms to know he was ours. A loving home (and a good grooming) made all the difference. You could see the story in his eyes changing, even from the moment I held him—he was home. I wanted to be able to give this feeling to other families and dogs. I needed to get involved and I knew the perfect way. Through my photography, I can give the dogs the opportunity to really shine and show who they are. I want to give a family a way to connect with the dog before even meeting them and a new family member they can create memories with. I set aside time each month, so if your rescue needs help in any way, I would be more than happy to volunteer my services. Contact me and we’ll get something scheduled as soon as possible.