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I am curious, observant and nostalgic

My Shih-Tzu’s Gizmo and Wicket are my world. They are the greatest and oh do they know it. Wicket is a rescue and the reason I started to volunteer my photography talent.

You’ll find me striking up random conversations with strangers—this in turn embarrasses the people I’m with.

I am very random…try to follow along.

You will always find my music blasting, so I can’t hear myself sing off key—Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen and The Cranberries Linger…these two songs are my weakness.

I am not a winter person **edit** I love warm places.

I am obsessed with random facts—you never know when you are going to need them.

I will never pass up chocolate or popcorn - yum!

I changed the spelling of my name in 9th grade due to something I had written in my Little Mermaid folder in 1st grade. No one questioned it. (the “Y” is silent btw)

Photography is the main thing that keeps me evolving. There is always a something new, different and challenging. Also, the fact that I get to create memories for people is just an added bonus.